About Us


Wear How You Feel!


Hello and welcome to Hustle Chic! I'm so happy you've taken the time to get chic with us.


My name is Jessica and I'm the founder of the Hustle Chic brand. Also, I'm a creative entrepreneurial free spirit that's always on my grind. Like many of you, in the pursuit of happiness we've realized that we live in an era where one stream of income isn't good enough; and we're forced to be creative through side hustles.
Being the #Girl Boss I am, Hustle Chic was born to be an outlet for me to express my artistry, creativity, the culture, and my struggles of being an entrepreneur; through inspiring words that made me feel empowered. Hustle Chic is an UNISEX BRAND for Artists, Creatives, Entrepreneurs on their grind, Millennials, and anyone who wants to make a statement.
Who says wearing a T-shirt can't be CHIC!